Thursday, May 14, 2009


Bad leader am i?

Fail to give an order.

I`m thinking,i`m plan on it,i schedule to make it successful.

I dont want everything that i plan unsuccessful

Why they dont understand?

Agi idup Agi ngelaban

Chai yok2 farra

Tq to Nurul Ain coz be with me when i`m down


poison_ivy said...

there's nothing more that makes a plan turn out great rather than a very good effort!!!..dont think of the worst but think of the best that we could have..that we could get!!!!

Nissie said...

sekarang cam kamu faham apa akak rs kan? :)

keep the force with you. as much as u kept asking me to hold on strong, u can do it too.

good luck.

viruze-ping said...

tq farah k
tq sis niss

i`ll try to be strong now

apple said...

forever there my gul..
n i guess u noe i will.. :)