Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dekat tapi jauh...

aku mentari tapi tak menghangatkanmu
aku pelangi tak memberi warna di hidupmu
aku sang bulan tak menerangi malammu
akulah bintang yg hilang ditelan kegelapan
selalu itu yg kau ucapkan padaku
sebagai kekasih yg tak dianggap
aku hanya bisa mencoba mengalah
menahan setiap amarah
aku sang bulan tak menerangi malammu
aku lah bintang yg hilang ditelan kegelapan
repeat reff
sebagai kekasih yg tak dianggap
aku hanya bisa mencoba

Really hope the happiness will come soon.
Really miss the time we have been together during school time.
Dating at hostel until kantoi with warden.
Send love letter using diary with key to avoid from kantoi.
Everynite u send food coz u are ketua warung,Really happy i am the lucky girl .Everybody in dorm jealous with me coz everynyte u send food to me.
I`m waiting for you at bus stand,we going back together to the hostel.
We are the famous couple in school..Coz ur weird name,everybody want to know who u are..
We are in the same group in 'Rumah Sukan' call Alfa.
We also same as Ketua dorm
We also same as Presiden Kelab.U are Badminton president,I`m Renjer Puteri President.
We also MPP of school.
After SPM...u go to Poly,we have lost contact until we met during u are practical at jb.We close again like before..
U fetch me at home to date,Borrow my dad`s car to dating with me.My parent give 100% trust to u.I also know ur mother very well.Ur mother also have met my parent.U bring ur mother to my house during raya.
But now we are not close like before,I dont know what is my mistake.U not happy with me.I try my best to make u happy but i failed.I dont know what to do..U are my priority.U like my soul.Without soul i feel like nothing.I really hope our relationship will be fine like before.I really need ur support in whateva i do..
FAST 4 eva


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** SiZuKa ChAn ** said...

cian fara...
sme cam kite ...
cme yg beza situasi we miss them...
nth pe2 nth kan dorang ni..
igt kite ni baby doll ke hape...
xde perasaan..